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Evolution: OOC

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X-Men: Evolution OOC
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This is the OOC community for the RP group currently know as "WE HAVE NO NAME YET" ^.^ We RP X-Men Evolution characters in new LJs we make just for them. I'm Flower, I RP as Kitty, and I'm the maintainer of this community.

Join the community in your real journal, if you have one. If you do not have one, then just join using your RP. ^.^ It's all good.

Here's the list of our current members of the RP:

shadow_kitty - Kitty Pryde
tolensky - Todd Tolensky
lance_avalanche - Lance Alvers
blue_demon - Kurt Wagner ((Our Kurt had to quit, so this journal is still open if anyone's interested in it!))
cajuncharmer - Remy LeBeau
xboomxboomx - Tabitha Smith
pyrotechnical - St. John Allerdyce
crimson_curse - Wanda Maximoff
sniktsnikt - Logan
catmansfeliny - Victor Creed
natashas_boris - Piotr Rasputin
chuck_xavier - Charles Xavier ((This account is shared by the group. Once you join, you will be emailed the password.))
rogueyrogue - Rogue

If you want to join, email Flower (flower_powerer@hotmail.com)!