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Hey all!

As part of the plan (which Sabretooth knows nothing about) Logan's coming to get Remy's Christmas presents for everyone about two hours before the operation goes down.

Just figured I'd let you know what those presents were.

Kurt: A foil (as in one of those bendy swords fencers use. Comic book Kurt is a master fencer, so I figured, why not let Evo Kurt give it a whirl. It's up to you whether or not he likes it)

Piotr: Some oil paints. (self-explanatory)

Lance: guitar strings, new patchcord, a book of assorted tab and an effects pedal (Lance does play guitar! And with the brotherhood's lack of funding, "Remy" figured Lance could use some new guitar stuff. [tab is guitar music that isn't sheet music. I wasn't sure if you play guitar so I thought I'd explain])

Todd: A gameboy with a couple of games (Todd's one of the youngest, thought he could use a toy.)

Tabby: A $100 gift certificate for the mall. (self-explanatory)

Kitty, Pyro, Wanda: Already got their presents, remember guys?

Rogue: Will be given to you by Remy in person. Is a white-gold necklace with a heart pendant that has a beautiful dark emerald on it. (self-explanatory)

I think that's everyone... Sabretooth can find his prezzie in the back of the spice cupboard of the hideout.... catnip.

Lol and love always,
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