Kurt Wagner (blue_demon) wrote in evolution_ooc,
Kurt Wagner

Sorry! Again!

Sorry I haven't been posting guys! I had a LOT to do this christmas, and recieved a PS2 which has been taking much of my time. Hee hee. Sooo...did everyone have a good christmas?
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*bounces around the room, wearing her happy-crown-of-shiney-happiness*
I had a great Christmas. Danke. I got a bunch of ninja turtle action figures *hears Taineyah giggling in the background*!!! Ohhh... too much chocolate. Me thinkie that me have a nap soon. zzzZZZzzz.... Okey me done!!
*tosses a chunk of cheese at an invisible target* Take that ebil bunnies of DOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!
I think I'd better get off now.
Bai Bai
Amieva-chan (Jeannie)